It seems that Myspace is in the air these days, as too the fact that I have had at least five parents ask me about it. Today was no different, but has put in me a interesting position.

One of my bible study leaders ask me about the legal age requirement for having a Myspace account, which happens to be 14. This bible study leader has a 13 year old son in 8th grade. As a result he’s account has (will be) deleted. Tonight at a youth gathering he was upset with the information I tendered to his parents about Myspace, and was almost sobbing (tears were in his eyes) about this. He states that Myspace is the only vehicle of communication with his friends throughout the week. He asked me why I did what I did, and my only response was that I had to be honest and that he needed to respect his parents wisdom in the matter. He understood…but I still feel that he is harboring some resentment.

How would you have handled this situation?

I already tried to advertise Facebook with no luck, and MyPraise is a joke when compared to MySpace.


2 thoughts on “MySpace

  1. Ezzah says:

    YOu absolutely handled it the correct way….and eventually that will be understood. This age does not understand 1)”the big deal” about it and 2)the fact that it’s not life or death to have something like myspace Imagine if they grew up way back in the days when we did!!!!!!!

    You are showing proper concern and authority by being honest with his parents. It is not your job to allow them to live as they wish….because you AND their parents will be accountable with their lives. You did great!!!

  2. baregoofy says:

    The way it was hadle was correct. You know that today’s teenagers want all they can consume for them when they want it. Maybe speak to this with the individual of the area of need verus want. Keep fighting the good fight.

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