Sandwich Review #2- Jamin’ Bread

This is was all the rage when I told people that I needed a new sandwich shop to try. So, I decided to check it out on this wonderful Saturday morning.

Located in the Canyon Crest Town center, Jamin’ Bread is the envy of such sought after locations. The town center offers shoppers a wonderful tranquil time as they venture from shop to shop, finally coming across Jamin’ Bread conveniently located in the center.

As I walked inside the shop, I felt as though I walked into the apartment of Rachel, Monica, Phebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross. If the cast from Friends and Dharma & Greg ever started a sandwich shop, this would be it. The atmosphere was open and pleasant. The shop was filled with vintage kitchen appliances that still worked! The seating outside was also attractive, mainly due to the wonderful atmosphere of the Canyon Crest Town Center.

I ordered a tuna salad sandwich with a side of potato salad (go figure). The potato salad was amazing! With a fine-tuned mix of mustard and mayo that red potato’s inherited the delicious flavors of the the mustard and mayo. I wanted to take some home with me; it was that good! The Tune sandwich typical and tasty, although it lacked (significantly) on the size and fillings. Tomato and lettuce were all that present. The bread was absolutely amazing! This maybe the only saving grace of the sandwich itself. Needless to say everything tasted fresh.

Overall, it’s a great place to quietly read or hang with friends (no pun intended). Be sure to tip so you can achieve instant karma! (pun intended)


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