Sandwich Review #1

Today I tried out a new sandwich place right here in downtown Riverside called “The Upper Crust.” Before I continue I must confess how much I love sandwiches. Like some people crave chocolate, I crave sandwiches. Okay, now for the review.


Being located on Main Street in downtown Riverside is a huge plus. The quaint atmosphere was very inviting and friendly. The staff was extremely courteous and friendly. I sat outside (it was such a nice day) and basically relaxed.


I ordered a tuna salad on wheat with a side order of potato salad and a medium ice tea. Okay, let’s chat about the sandwich first. The tuna tasted fresh and the fixings (sprouts, cheese, mayo, mustard, etc.) were crisp and delightful. The bread was your typical wonder bread style and taste. Although the sandwich was nothing to write home about it was not a terrible sandwich. If forced to eat one again, it wouldn’t be a sin. Now for the potato salad. I love potato salad and pretty much spoiled by liking the best potato salad out there. The potato salad at the Upper Crust was terrible. It had no taste, even after three packets of pepper and salt. I would go with another choice for a side (pasta, side-salad, etc.) The portions were conservative, but one didn’t feel as though they needed to stop by In-&-Out to fill the gap. Overall the food was not bad, but (again) nothing to write home about.

One thought on “Sandwich Review #1

  1. Ezzah says:

    I,too, LOVE sandwiches. As far as ‘fastfood’ sandwiches go…try TOGO’s….

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