Do you even care…probably not.

This is cool…that’s why I love Tehachapi, CA!!!

To stop global warming and create a good, sustainable future, we have to phase out fossil fuels and develop a clean, renewable energy infrastructure. Cape Wind is the first offshore wind farm proposed for the US, and it’s planned to be built off Cape Cod. 80% of Massachussets residents support it. Sure: the wind farm would provide about 80% of the Cape’s power and would help jumpstart the transition to clean energy that’s necessary for us to save the climate system and our planet. Here’s the problem: a few very wealthy people on Cape Cod seem more concerned about the view from their summer homes than the destruction of the natural world.

Take Action!

On a clear day, some of Cape Wind’s turbines would be visible from shore as half inch dots on the horizon. Ted Kennedy, whose family compound is near the proposed site, is putting his political clout into stopping the project. We want to make sure the first offshore wind farm in the US doesn’t get derailed because of the aesthetic objections of a priveledged few.

Save Cape Wind!

Let’s start building the sustainable energy infrastructure we need for the kind of future we all want!


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One thought on “Do you even care…probably not.

  1. Ezzah says:

    I’m all for doing what we can….except I’m tired of this language “stop global warming” WE CAN’T STOP IT! Obviously, though, we should be more responsible with the earth God left us as stewards.

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