The Refinery and CSM (Center for Student Missions) where to start…

Sunday Night:
We arrived at CSM Los Angeles sometime around 4pm. We unpacked, students were a little freaked about the living conditions, nevertheless; they were all excited. We met our city guide and headed to dinner which happened to be Thai. Students had fun eating new food and fellowship with each other.
we prayer walked through MacArthur park. The park is a haven for drug use and other activities. We then headed to Grandview Retirement Hotel, where we played bingo with some old folks. It was funny to see them (the old folks) pick on each other, not to mention the fact that they love just hanging with us as we listened to their story.
We then moved on to our next work site which was rather interesting. We helped sort through some donations for a lady who ran a missions organization by herself. The place was unreal. Dirty, disarranged, rotting food, the smell…wow, words can not describe it. But, it was awesome to serve along-side of sister Luz. This woman’s passion for the LORD is unwavering.
Dinner was rather interesting. We had to gather items for dinner. We all had $1 for each of us. We ate good, things were cheap.
Today we worked the in LA Mission. Very cool! We did some laundry, made posters and ates some really good food.
Later on, we worked at the Midnight Mission. They were rude, talked with filthy mouths, had not love in their hearts. They kicked out the homeless just as soon as they got their food. It was a really sad to see.
For dinner we ate at Cojutepeque, a Salvadorian restaurant. The food was good, but the portions were small. Not really something to scream about.
This morning we woke up early, got some Pan Dulce and drove to Pershing square park. Students meet with the homeless there and shared breakfast with them. Students were crying, hearts were moved, and people where loved.
Read my next blog post for my thoughts on the trip.


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