Leaving again!

Well I’m off to the wonderful world of Tehachapi, CA for a little R&R. I will be posting many publications based upon my experience in Thailand. It would have been indecent to hastily post something without the proper time of reflection. I hope you enjoy the information as well as I enjoyed my trip. In short, God continues to amaze me with His sovereignty and grace…wow!


3 thoughts on “Leaving again!

  1. rindy says:

    Hey Lucas! So I came across your blog today through a friend of a friend of a friend…just to jog your memory I was your leader for a few weeks in Istanbul several years ago. Anyway, it’s awesome to see that you’re continuing to influence the people around you for God’s glory! Nice job!

  2. Ezzah says:

    hey, hope you’re getting some much deserved rest. I feel like you’re still out of the country!!! we have to talk sometime, I want to hear about you!!!! I did all kinds of ranting on my blog hee hee. I’m sure I wouldnt’make many CBUers very happy with my thoughts. too closed minded…..hee hee. Anyway, always new pics of the dirka baby too on her site. hope we catch up very soon!

  3. Chris Davis says:

    You need to post again. How was home?

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