My Talent

One of my favorite things to do is watch people, specially those who are close to me. I have this knack for reading people. Some people call it a curse, however, I call it a gift. I am very good at reading people’s body language and more specifically their verbal communication.

Just last night I observed someone. I just watched and listened. It was interesting to hear the pride and arrogance disguised as simple words flow from their mouth. Did you know that the words you pick indicate your mood? Also, the tone of your words no, matter how loud or soft are an open a door to your inter most thoughts. I found myself wondering “when will they learn?” Observation is key in knowing and understanding people. If we are too neuritic to sit and quietly observe people; life is too busy for you.

I encourage you all to sit for 30Min’s this week and just watch people. Comment on your findings. Enjoy.


One thought on “My Talent

  1. Jon McWhorter says:

    i told you not to blog about my pride … thanks a lot.

    welcome home by the way.

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