Some more thoughts on Leadership…

So, I have been thinking about different elements of leadership and its interaction with different types of personalities. Leadership is a process. It involves learning and analyzing. But ultimately it involves commitment. When we are committed to something we do regardless of the surrounding circumstances. Would I cancel our Wednesday night program because only 4 students showed-up? Would I cancel worship because only 4 students will hear? Of course not! Leadership is being committed to a task, a purpose. If our purpose is be Christ to Junior High students, how does cancelling elements of a program help. It might help our selfish need for food, or getting someplace faster, or hanging out with friends. I think a true leader rolls with the punches and uses every opportunity to connect with students, preach the word, and honor God with a mindset that encourages “going to be there for you” not bolt for the door because the program’s over and your hungry.

With that said, people have a different idea of what is “best” for ministry. Personality has a lot to do with how one process’ information. We all have filters, some are more adjusted than others.

I have so much more to learn…


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