When leaders don’t lead

This week my attention is drawn to my current 7th grade students. It is safe to mention that most of our student leadership team is made up of 8th grade students. So, naturally I’m looking to future to see who will step up to the plate. The exciting thing about this is that I have over 8 students that come to mind. Yet, when asked to consider student leadership they rather do other things such as “sports, the mall, hanging with friends, etc.” They have no desire to lead, yet they swell with enormous leadership qualities. Many of them set the social climate on any given Wednesday. So what do you do with a students who exhibit leadership qualities but don’t want to lead?


One thought on “When leaders don’t lead

  1. Ezzah says:

    Hhmmm, maybe they don’t understand what it means to have these talents. Also, maybe find a way to incorporate their interests with those leadership abilities. A leader will many times relate to those they are leading, sports, malls, etc. are a good way to connect with peers, perhaps encouraging them to do both would help? Just a thought, I’m four months, what do I know 😉

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