More thoughts on Leadership

So, today I witnessed something that proved to be something that I need to address. Without going into specifics, I realized something about leadership. Here are few thoughts:

  • Leadership is having the “guts” to have “that conversation” with “that someone” even though someone will awake away with their “ego” bruised.
  • Leadership is having the “guts” to understand both sides of the coin and still making that decision that will make some people “unhappy.”
  • Leadership is understanding that regardless of age, schooling and personality, one must yield to those who God has placed in a higher position.
  • Leadership is “understanding” your position and excelling at that. Not overstepping your bounds because you “think” you have all the answers.
  • Leadership is purging those selfish desires, and making good choices that help students and ultimately glorify God.
  • Leadership is knowing and understanding those who are in a position of higher authority and “respecting” that.

Tell me what you think….


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