Trucks, Cookies, and Singing

Yesterday I helped Mike Lovato move a family member from Yucipa to Riverside. It seemed that we (Mike, myself and Jon) were in for an adventure. Here is a timetable of what happened:

  • Got up at 7:30am to meet Mike at church at 8:30am. This in fact was a miracle.
  • Mike drove a Ford F-150 to Yucipa to pick up the 1st round of furniture.
  • After packing what we could in the truck, some crazy lady came by to see the “goodies” that were “going” to be sold at the estate sale the next day. She was by far the strangest women I have ever met. She claimed to be the Yucipa cookie-making champion, and would leave. She went through everything!!! Like 30mins of waiting for her to stop looking. Then she bought a bag for nuts (birds of a feather, flock together) to use for her cookies.
  • On the second trip back, the truck we were borrowing had some radiator issues. In fact I was two cars behind Mike, and I saw most of the radiator fluid. Fun times.
  • I am now officially bored typing this. More to come later.

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