Reflections on JH Discipleship

The weekend is finally over and I must say that it was downright an awesome experience. I am still processing much of what was said and done this weekend. I guess the ultimate purpose of this weekend was to take a small groups of JH students to an environment that would be free of distractions and “try” to connect with God in many different ways. The important thing that I walked away was this notion of “do we really know our students?” A simple question, right? Do we know their hurts, their dreams, their home life? Do we know what makes them laugh or cry? This what I observed by watching my leaders this weekend. I also observed how lazy some students can be. I know that its still JH, but when do we start (or should I say they start) to (teach/learn) servanthood? This is my new study, more to come this later.

Here are some highlights and lowlights….


  • Worship and camping at the beach…can’t beat that!
  • Watching the students being stretched beyond their comfort zones.
  • The foot washing by the light of tiki-torches that lined the beach at night.
  • Watching the red tide light show at night.
  • Body boarding at San Clemente
  • Watching my buddy Mike present a fine job of what it means to be a disciple of Christ.


  • It was overcast the whole weekend.
  • The drunkards in the camp next ot us.
  • Students killing squirrels.
  • Under packing cooking gear.
  • Not knowing your camping gear.
  • No hot showers.
  • Sand in places that it should never be.

I leave you with this; junior high students are very much capable of way more than we can imagine. Discipleship is a process that is different for everyone, and must be taken seriously. Yet, it is very much corporate in the sense in what it accomplishes. More to come on that.

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