B.Y.O.F. Weekend Review

Wow, BYOF is finally over and exhaustion has finally set in. The weekend was hugely successful, not to the fact that students had a blast, but that I got to connect with students I didn’t know very well, while meeting some new ones. Our visitors for the weekend had a blast and can’t wait till Wednesday for more. I think two elements really played a part in this weekend being so successful: intentional and relational. Every leader (regardless whether or not they were tried or not) loved on the kids, and really tried to break through those superficial barriers. Breaking those barriers are not the easiest things to do, but the impact one makes in the lives our their students is incredible. Enough reflection, here are some highlights and lowlights:


  • Laser Tag- It was awesome!!! This was the fav for most students.
  • HALO for days- Guy’s played HALO and watched Thundercats cartoons.
  • CastlePark- Cheap Thrills and a neat time to hang with students. No one Puked.
  • BBQ- good food, XBox 360, basketball, volleyball Sardines at night and fire…good times.
  • Hanging with students and meeting new ones.
  • Seeing students step up the leadership table…priceless.


  • General tiredness
  • Students with attitudes
  • Snoring
  • A dare that involved the licking of armpits (after an hour of DDR) for a $10 movie card
  • A 6 ft. turd that plugged a toilet. Yes, I had clean that crap up (pun intended)
  • Resources that were requested, not provided (2nd projector)
  • Students and cliques
  • Grease fires…they suck!

Overall, it was an awesome time. I am glad I went ahead and did the event. I need a nap…


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