Conversations with Public Safety

Here is a real conversation I had with a public safety officer, I use the word “officer” loosely. My thoughts on public safety are this: I feel that they are needed on campus, but they take their job to a level it should never go. CBU public safety employees are not “real” peace officers. Yet they act like they run a maximum security prison. It’s just a college guy! Your not on SWAT and this isn’t your beat. Seriously, there have been public safety employees that have actually came to work in a tactical jumpsuit! What are they a afraid of? The Hollister gang littering the campus with credit cards receipts? Okay, here’s the conversation…

Background: my friends and I are playing a game of nerf war at night in the courtyard, when public safety coming rolling up…

PS- why were you guys running from me!
ME- Sorry, I didn’t think walking feet in your direction necessitate running, we were not running from you, just didn’t see you.
PS- Student ID’s please
ME- here you go
PS- You can’t be playing games like this
ME- Why?
PS- People get real nervous when people run around with objects that look like guns
ME- You know, you’re right. I thought the hot pink coloring on my nerf gun was a dead giveaway!
PS- Have a good night
Me- You too!

Nerf guns that look real…what a retard!!!


3 thoughts on “Conversations with Public Safety

  1. lboley0 says:

    Haha. I got ticketed by them the other day. I was parked in vistor parking which is where they told me to park since I am not actually student status…and what do they do?? ticket me. Losers!

  2. lboley0 says:

    blast this thing….I left a huge comment that essentially said that public safety officers are losers and it didn’t post. Oh yea…it was about how they gave me a ticket the other day. I asked them a long time ago where I should park since I am technically not student status and they said visitor parking was cool. Well anywho they gave me a ticket. I think they seen the previous years stickers and ASSUMED it was so. Anywho, nerf guns are dangerous….you could kill someone with those, lol.

  3. Ezzah says:

    You’re just lucky they didn’t ban you from campus!!!!! FREE THOMAS!

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