Winter Camp 2007

  • This year our JH ministry joined Saddleback, Mariners, and Journey for a winter camp up in Thousand Pines…we had a great time. Here are some highlights and lowlights:


    • The volunteer staff I brought with me were absolutely amazing. I could delegate and know that the job would get done with precision, tact, and love. These guys really love our students. This was evident this weekend when exhaustion set in, and yet they still were able to discipline with love.
    • Thousand Pines was awesome. Paintball, ropes course, art shoppe, basketball, foose ball, snow, off-road rides, snowball fights, the food, the camp set-up, the cabins…all were awesome!
    • They had a underground coffee house. It was very cool. On a funny note: students brought coffee thinking they were getting caffine…nope…they got de-caf!
    • Seeing students getting into worship!
    • Seeing students offload their paintball hoppers are at a group of leaders (I mean it was 30 to 7!!!) Long Live Bergadine!!!


    • Students who think they are too good to do anything (help clean the cabin, sitting at the dinner table, etc.)
    • Students and cell phones (student cell phone suck!)
    • Rude people…or should I say exclusive cliques
    • Students who lie then pull the “do you know who my dad is…?” card. I don’t care who your dad is.
    • Rich kids and their little rich attitudes…I never knew that they sold that crap at Neiman Marcus.

    It was a good trip. Now I have some uber-following up to do…peace out!


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