Definitions of a hoovering YM

At the beginning of this year we had this intense feeling of excitement for what the new year would bring. We were hoping for some change, growth (both spiritually and numerically), testing new ideas, and becoming more relational with our students.

Now, it is seems that the new year has had the opposite effect. Our numbers haven’t dropped too much, but it has been an issue. The lack of enthusiasm of events and the like have taken hold. I have observed issues I thought were taking hold, and found that its not what “we are doing” or “not doing,” but its about priorities and time.

Students today are soaked with extra curricular activities, not to mention the plethora of non-curricular activities that seem to plague our students today. What can we do to change or accommodate a schedule that benefits maximum exposure of the ministry while allowing students miss whole months because of the 50 sports activities they’re involved in? Or should we look at having an extreme makeover of the ministry? What’s the point of doing anything if ministry gets put on the back burner because: camping, surfing, boring church, the mall, theater, sports, parents, homework, life….


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