My Small Group Field Trip

Tonight, I took my guys to a Hindu temple in Riverside. We tagged along with CBU and their comparative religion class. The guys had never experienced anything like it and were blown away at some of the things they saw. Here’s a few things that happened:

  • They witnessed people giving gifts (fruit, money, incense, etc.) to things that had no value.
  • They witnessed people praying to nothing.
  • They smelled some pretty bizarre smells.
  • They understood the importance of reaching the lost with the Good News.

I try to provide a cross cultural experience once a month for my small group. These guys have fellow peers that are practicing Hindu’s, as well as other religions, so it was good to put a face with the culture and religion. Hopefully this experience encouraged them to begin to make some contacts and relationships in hopes that they would be able to share the Gospel message.

Overall, a great experience. We walked away with our hearts saddened for those who bow down and pray to nothing and have no hope. May we have the courage to show them to the Truth.


2 thoughts on “My Small Group Field Trip

  1. Jon says:

    thats awesome. where’s that temple

  2. Ezzah says:

    It seems it’s a totally awakening expreience for people (especially youth) when they visit the lost in a different religious environment. I think it’s GREAT what you’re doing with the small group and will continue to pray for them.

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