Definitions of a starving world

Well…I survived to live another day. I walked away from this weekend training with bizarre sense of emotions. I feel sick to my stomach, I’m really tired, and yet I know that there are people that would kill for my life. A painful reality to the fact that I am a selfish bastard. Here are some cold facts:

  • I live to eat, others eat to live
  • I own a computer and a vehicle, people can’t even read, and walk 6 miles for water
  • I don’t even walk 6 miles in a week
  • Why do suffering and starving people make me emotional?…yes, I cried
  • In two days, I will probably will start to feel apathetic…again

God…please continue to keep me uncomfortable, that which I might not forget those who are dying, and dying for a clean drink of water.


One thought on “Definitions of a starving world

  1. Ezzah says:

    I truly truly appreciate your willingness to admit your failures. It’s people like you who God works through. And on a lighter note….continue to be real with yourself and others 😉

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