We live in a fishbowl

In ministry one must constantly remember that they live in a fishbowl. People are watching them and proving judgment upon one’s character. This is where I often fail. I tend to be oblivious to the demands of character analysis’ that parents, co-workers, friends, students, and why should I? Am I not an individual that can think for myself? Am I not intelligent enough to develop my own sense of belonging in the world? The answer does not lie within the process of my individual need, but in the process of who I affect due to my live as a follower of Jesus Christ. It is true that I am not contained by the mere social choices that people will often tender as profitable action that I must take, but I am contained to the conscience of my own being and the will of God for me life. What then is to be looked upon with disgust or disappointment due to the nation of another individual’s point or view or more carelessly their perception of me as a person? What do I care what people think of me as a person, as long as my ministry is growing and I am (God forbid by some people) doing the will of God? Titus 1:6 tells us “if anyone is above reproach…and not open to the charge of debauchery or insubordination.” I find this verse fitting because it shows me that we as pastors are to be living examples and ultimately sacrifice for the needs of others. Why make a brother stumble, because we want to be our own person. What if they are offended something we say, wear, do, or example? Do we continue to pursue that level of personal infliction or do heed the call and try to compromise? My life is a fishbowl…

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