I am one of those types of people who hold people to their words and or actions. I believe that people are responsible to follow through, regardless of the pending circumstances. Call it a moral obligation if you will. Today, my attitude and frustration blossomed in full force. Without going into specifics, I felt wronged. At that moment I felt useless, disrespected, not “one of the favorites”. A normal response to issues that happen in one’s life. But, within the midst of feeling devalued, wisdom enters and removes the blinders that make me who I am.
I am grateful for the people that God has blessed me with. Tonight, my friend explained to me that my issue was not a hill to die on. After pointing our certain flaws (that were based upon valid evidence), I am grateful for the wisdom that God gives certain people. I understand the need to surround one’s self with people of different thoughts and paths, for they will help you understand, and often times God uses these people to help one understand their own faults.
I am a man with many flaws. Yet, is it wrong to feel wronged or devalued? Is it a sin to feel useless or ill-regarded? It is wrong to feel that if you’re going to do one person, you should do for all? What makes some people better than others? How could one do someone and not the other? It is my prayer that I will learn see the brighter side of things…yet I hate that Pollyanna crap…

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