First week at school

Today finishes my first week of my last semester. Here is a snibit of my classes:
American Government: Not too much work, the professor is rather animated which proves to be useful when the class is at 9am.
Philosophy: Probably one of my favorite classes this semester. The professor surfs a couple times a week, the topics are engaging and I love to rock the boat during discussions. I anticipate a fun class.
Pastoral Ministry: A good class…so far. We get to learn “how to baptize” people. I must attend a: funeral, a wedding, a Lord’s supper, and a baptism.
Marriage & Family: Not much to say, the professor was absent. However, this is a hard class to get into. I heard it was the best class at CBU.
Global Perspectives: A class facilitated by Jeff Lewis. It’s going to be awesome…and will probably rock my socks off!
Missions Practicum: Not really a class, but I will be traveling and learning in regards to this class.
Overall, a fun semester. I will be extremely busy. Keep me in your prayers…Peace!

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