My Small group

Today I met with my small group as we always do on Tuesday’s. I have been mentoring these guys since they were 7th graders and now they are in the last semester of junior high. It has been incredible to see God work in their lives, and to watch them grow in their faith. With that said, today’s meeting (although accompined with pizza) was a litle different. We talked about what we want to get out the next semester. Although their answers where typical for my group: a head nod, a white rabbit, and a comment about being more active in the community, I have boiled down what I think are the three cruical elements these guy’s need to learn this semester.

1. I want them to be more bibically literate. This is so important. Although everything we do has foundation of God’s word, I think we may have sacrificed some good exergesis for being relevent and relational. Nevertheless, being relevent and relational can exist with scripture exergesis.

2. I want them to live out their faith daily. So many times we get caught up in “doing chruch” that we forget to be church, or more importantly, being Christ to others. It is my prayer that my guy’s start to understand this and develop a desire to live out their faith in their speical way.

3. I want them to understand what a “disciple” is. In essence, they already know what a disciple is. I what them to know how to repeat the process with others.

This semester holds many challenges…I can’t wait!


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