I suck!

For the past few days I have been slacking on my quiet time. I have been working like a mad man trying to update our new website, organize the Lock-In, develop a ministry profile on myspace, and I have placed my time with God on the back burner…I suck! It’s weird how much a person feels (off or different) when they don’t have that time. What is even more interesting it the fact that I promised myself to use this time to grow and spend quality time with Him. Yet, it was the first thing to go…I suck! I’m sure that everyone goes through this, but having a mild case of ADHD, I seem to be more susceptible to it. I know “excuses are lame” but, today I’m leaving and having my quite out under some ancient oak tree. God here I come…

Okay…it too cold…Starbucks it is….God here I come…!


One thought on “I suck!

  1. criostai says:

    keep pluggin away bro. I am right there with you. It has been hard this break to be real with my massive free time. We suck.

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