The Tehachapi Coffee (Gossip) House

So in Tehachapi there are a lot of families, well to do ones. They drive Ecalades, Hummers, and Lexus’. Nevertheless, within all the money that some people have, sin still manifests itself in different ways. As Tehachapi tries to employ the image of a safe, clean and a growing city (or should I say town), there still is this need to GOSSIP! As I sit here in this coffee house, I can hear (without straining my ears) all of these mother hens talking about kids they don’t like at the high school or the middle school. I can hear about the dislike about certain teachers and boasting of their students in regards to sports. This coffee house has become a beacon for stay at home mom’s to come and talk wild smack about people. I want to puke up my breakfast bagel sandwich. Tehachapi has lost it’s innocence…


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