JH Christmas Party

Last night was our annual Junior High Christmas party. Here are some highlights and lowlights:


  • We had a good band play
  • Plenty of food
  • 6 foot burritos
  • Eggnog chugging contest
  • Huge turn-out (I think we had 65 people)
  • Cool time to hand out with students
  • Some parents brought hot coco and cider
  • The White Elephant gift exchange
  • Great leader/volunteer support
  • Most of all…the students had a safe, fun, and memorable time


  • It seems that every student was suffering from ADD, ADHD, & Turrets.
  • Leadership miscommunication
  • Spilled cider
  • No one puked during the eggnog chugging contest…sad day
  • An awkward moment (that’s all I’m going to say)
  • The lack of interest in the band from the students
  • I didn’t get to hand with the students as much as I had wanted to

Overall, a great night…I’m glad it’s over!


2 thoughts on “JH Christmas Party

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey man. I loved those amazing ADD/ADHD/Terrets moments. Oh yes. Kids had a good time though fo sho. Catch you tonight.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t imagine chugging eggnog. Blah!!! I might have upchucked that, lol. I love kinds that have those ADD/ADHD/Terrets moments…nothing better!! Haha.

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