Southwestern Seminary

Yesterday I visited Southwestern Theological Seminary. Absolutely incredible! I’m still praying about this, but, as of right now the peace I have about this place and the doors that God has opened for me has be exciting to see.

My flight home to So. Cal was good. I had a a whole row to myself. However, we we landing at LAX, we had to wait for 40 minutes before docking with the terminal, and then another 40 minutes to retrieve my baggage. That sucked!

Other than that, God has something special for me in the state Texas. Please keep this lifted up!


One thought on “Southwestern Seminary

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have you tried Truett Seminary at Baylor University? It is smaller, very community oriented, incorporates a lot of hands-on ministry into the program, and is academically stronger that SWBTS.

    I am a graduate of SWBTS and know both it and Truett quite well.

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