My Life for the Past Two Weeks

Well, life has defiantly been interesting this past two weeks. Without having to write a 42 page dissertation on it, I’ll just toss out the hightlights and lowlights.


  • I registered for my classes in the Spring. I got into all of the one’s I wanted.
  • Tonight will be our first student leadership meeting. I have been prepping for this like crazy…it should be fun!
  • A new girl might in the horizons, well see how that goes. She is absolutely brilliant!
  • I drove home last weekend. Awesome time to see the family and my dog…Good times.
  • God has blessed our Junior High ministry. Leaders are coming out of the woodwork!
  • Things are coming together for Texas. I fly out next month to see a friend and visit Southwestern. I’m very excited about this.


  • LCT (just kidding)
  • School
  • My sarcasm
  • insomnia
  • Lack of coffee (God help me)

hope everyone has a uber-cool week!


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