Burnout or Frustrated?

As I sit here at this computer terminal in the CBU lab, I am reminded of the ministry God has placed me in. It seems that I am always talking about ways to improve it or creative ideas to reach students. Nevertheless, I am constantly thinking about middle school ministry. My friends have brought to my attention that I need to talk about other things. You know balance. But with that said, I find myself verbally discussing these ministry topics to publicly find other perspectives in direction we are going. It seems that what I lack in foresight, others have a distinct observation that helps.

Am I burnt out or frustrated? I would say no to burn out but yes to frustration. I am frustrated that the programs we have implemented (key word there “we”) are being tendered only on Wednesday and Sundays. Students need relationships. They need leaders to call and say “what’s up?” and to know and pray for their needs. This in not only a bi-weekly obligation…it’s our duty! Andy Stanley once said “All leadership is a stewardship, it temporary, and we are held accountable to it.” We are held accountable to it!!! This scares the poop out of me. Have I been faithful to this pledge? Have I been proactive to this premise? I like to think I have…but have I? I think with all of this frustration, I need to re-focus on casting my vision for middle school ministry and to make sure that the team that God has entrusted to me also understands “the win.” Don’t get me wrong, I am a blessed man to be in the company of such wonderful leaders that love middle school students. But even so, we need to push for excellence…our students deserve it!


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