Catalyst Session 4

The morning of our last day started yet again without the lovely Starbucks- I am having withdraws. I am kind of glad that this is coming to an end, yet I find it also bitter sweet. The only down fall I can see is the shear amount of people. Getting to the vendors is a pain, lunch is a joke and it was freezing (I was cutting glass!). The last three speakers were awesome. Here are some highlights:

Louie Gilglio: I have heard of him and know that one of my professors (Jeff Lewis) at CBU helped start the passion movement. Here are some awesome points:

  • “…The Church is God’s plan to change the world…!”
  • Passion is dangerous.
  • Are we willing to embrace this life of danger?
  • “…It’s okay to fail…It’s not about me…!”

Kevin Carroll: I never heard of this guy. He was really cool and used props! Some highlights for you:

  • Use imagination economy
  • What is my red rubber ball?
  • Our baggage can help motivate us to better opportunities

Donald Miller: Never read Blue Like Jazz, I heard it was good. Here again some highlights for you to masticate on:

  • Theme song: I hate commercial Christianity
  • Culture can be cultivated by Christianity.
  • He mentioned something about free market economic system. As soon as those words left his mouth….my ADD kicked in…humm…I need to charge my cell phone.

More to come folks…as with my review of Atlanta.


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