Catalyst Day 3

Okay, today was the first day of the arena sessions. Here are my comments on this matter:

Crowd Control- there are so many people here that it is really inconvenient to walk through the vendors. Too many people in such a small place, I will probably need therapy when I get back to Cali.

Seating- okay, everyone else placed their packs on their desired seat. I placed mine behind my seat. It was obvious to me that someone was saving this seat. When I came back to claim my seat, a lady was sitting in it. Humm…the South has great food, but the people here need glasses and maybe run themselves around the block a couple of times. Georgia has some bubbas here!

Andy Stanley: absolutely amazing and not just because I have read many of his books. He took a simple passage and boiled it down to one point “All leadership is a stewardship, it temporary, and we are held accountable to it.”

John Maxwell: I have been to his leadership conferences, read his books and was ready to write him off (meaning a cool 45 min. nap). When he started to get all choked up and almost cried (I think he did) over being an influence on a younger generation and how he was humbled by that, I almost lost it…almost! He closed by praying for us…really cool!

Marcus Buckingham: Neat British accent and an even better sense of humor. It was something I could enjoy. Main point: Play your strengths!

Later on that evening, Mike Pierpoint and myself went to Murrita, Georgia to meet up with some of Mike’s close friends. We had dinner at this incredible BBQ/smokehouse place. I can die a happy man now!

We haven’t tried the Waffle House yet. I want to, but everyone else is dead against it.


One thought on “Catalyst Day 3

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, don’t worry too much about Waffle House…you’re not missing much.

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