The Little Things

Today has been busy! Here’s a little glimpse of what happened.

  • Sunday morning program.
  • Had to pick-up a foose-ball table and drop it off at the church.
  • Had to locate the proper address for an event. I made 60 flyers with the wrong address.
  • Had to give a devotional at a volunteer meeting. I really hate opening up to people.
  • Had to drive (rather quickly) to a JH event.
  • Got stuck at the railroad tracks, the train took forever.
  • Got chewed out by a parent over the flyer that contained no time. Everyone else seemed to manage just fine.
  • Homework to buried my tried body in.

After I reflect upon today I think about one word…Excellence! That what I need to focus on at the moment. Defining the term, understanding what that means within the context of leadership, and implementing this ideal into my leadership matrix. Its the little things that bring about change. I want to be the leader my students think I am.

…I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.”

Ephesians 4:1


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