The number game

I normally don’t care about numbers (meaning ‘how much we run’ in ministry). But, I find myself becoming more concerned that every other ministry is growing except for the junior high. This is not really true, but I feel that our potential is limited by a number of things. Why am I always thinking about numbers? I hate bean counting!!!

2 thoughts on “The number game

  1. Mike Lovato says:

    Seeing as how I see the numbers every week, let me offer two observations:

    1. You’re running more on Sundays right now than 6 months ago.

    2. I wouldn’t say every other ministry is growing….I think children’s and adults are holding steady.

    3. (Bonus observation) Numbers can be a good indicator, but don’t let them drive you. Pursue health and the numbers will follow.

  2. Jon says:

    without numbers i would have 10 less buttons on my keyboard.

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