Finding the right place

So, I am back at school and am no longer able to visit ‘Coffee Roasters’ very often. My dilemma is this: where is a good, quite, with free WIFI coffee house that is close to CBU? Starbucks does not count, nor does the Harvest deli. I really need a place that I can call my own, a place that is not so commercial.

In fact, the person that recommends a place and I like it, I will take them and buy them a coffee at that place!

Coffee is Good…God is better!”


One thought on “Finding the right place

  1. Mike Lovato says:

    Ok, my suggestion – none other than Coffee Depot at the Plaza. Good coffee and they recently added free wireless. Or if that’s still too “commercial” for you, there’s a place I’ve never tried down on Magnolia just before La Sierra…kinda across-ish from Kaiser. I don’t know the name of it, but it could be good.

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