Funny part 2.

Okay, so I’m still here at Panera, and there is this family who are eating right next to me. The father met the family for lunch here at Panera, and it seems like a video clip out of ‘Malcom in the Middle.’ As soon as the father arrives the kids have to use the bathroom and want him to take them, while trying to inform the entire restaurant of this compelling revelation. The wife goes to stand in line to order the food, the kids are driving dad crazy. Placing the table tents on their heads, talking very loud, pointing, the usual stuff that kids do…Nevertheless, dad seems really annoyed…poor guy.

However, with all of this observation, I see patience, love and concern in the father. He really wants his children to engaged in a proper social behavior and to enjoy their meal together. He’s annoyed, but, understanding at the same time. This reminds me of all the times I screw up and how many times our Heavenly Father is patient, loving and encouraging to me. Oh, crap…now I’m crying…


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