The Phone Call…

On Thursday late afternoon I received a cell phone call from the drummer of one of my favorite bands “Deadsy.” I had signed up to be part of their fanbase on Myspace, and gave the typical information (location, cell, age, mailing address). I never thought that they would call.

Basically, Alec (the second from the right) as asked if I liked the new album that was released on Tuesday and just to thank me for being a loyal fan. There last CD came out in 99′, so its been awhile. We talked a little about music (he asked if I had any questions about the music) and thanked me for the last time.

WOW…what band would go and call every fan within their fanbase? Would David Crowder do that, would Joy Electric do that? I don’t think so.

Also, if you have any incline of giving me a hard time about the style, premise or design of the band…I don’t care! I don’t judge them, and you shouldn’t either…Its just music! I know that they cuss (a little, Led Zeppelin curse more), but then again so does the news, people in the mall and do we actually say something to them? Not really.


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