Rough Waters

I have grown within the last few years to anticipate the coming storm of life. Meaning, when things are going way to good, I’m looking for that trial that’s around the corner. As with this anticipation, I have also learned to take from hardships and extract what I am supposed to learn and grow from them. Today my storm has hit. Without getting too personal, I am in need of some great prayer. Family issues have surfaced and from this my parents will be placed in a very trying time. I find these times a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow in our faith. Call that a “Pollyanna” view if you will, but I am convinced that God is bigger than the air I breathe, the world I’ll leave…He will save the day. As I was looking though some pictures from our recent summer camp, this picture brought me great joy. It makes no difference what happens and what falls into our lives, God is there with us all the way…Probably stuff we all know already.


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