Campus by the Sea 2

Okay for those of you who don’t like to read ‘thick’ blogs here are the summer camp highlights and lowlights:


  • one week at the beach…YES!
  • free from the distractions of life (iPods, computers, traffic, Mike Lovato..just kidding)
  • students experiencing God
  • pranks…or the lack of them
  • meeting new people (youth pastors)
  • being compared to a buffalo, and thus being named “White Buffalo”
  • building relationships with students


  • camp became ‘scam-camp’ within one hour of our arrival, some female students were already scamming cell phone numbers, excising their flirting skills…etc.)
  • student leaders who dropped the ball
  • the lack of good coffee
  • dirty cabins…wow, my cabin became a dirty clothes hamper in 12 seconds!


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