Summer Camp part II.

Centri-Kid is almost over….here are some highlights:

  • Hanging with the kids…they are fun for days and laugh at my jokes.
  • The awesome CBU food.
  • God moving in the hearts of these kids…very cool.
  • Networking working with other youth pastors ( I get tired of talking with Mike…just kidding. He’s a cool guy)
  • UNO till 11pm. Yep, this is really late for elementary students. I won every time!


  • CBU (should I say Provider) and there lack of understanding child psychology. They expect them to act like a church business meeting…boring! Kids will be kids…get a get grip, nothing is broken, hurt, or defaced. Running and ADD/ADHD is not a crime!!!!
  • CBU aquatics. Your better off swimming in Cuba, less rules! If you are planning on swimming at the pool expect to have a 25 min. meeting on all the rules…they love rules. I guess its for safety…honestly your making kids cry.

Overall, its been a blast!!!


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