Magic Mountain

Yesterday I took 24 junior highers to Magic Mountain, good times. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights:


  • Got to spend time with students I normally don’t connect with…can’t beat that!
  • The rides were extreme.
  • There were no injuries or accidents (one student puked on the way there…bad McD’s)
  • Good leader support
  • No logistical issues


  • Heat (although it wasn’t that bad it still was hot)
  • Some students didn’t like the rides
  • Prices for food inside the park (I had to take out a student loan just to pay for lunch)
  • Magic Mountain employee’s attitudes (they suck, and if they speak English your lucky)
  • Students with extreme ADD and mis-management of money (one student spent his entire lunch/dinner money at the arcade…go figure)

Overall, the trip was great. Students had a great time, no one got hurt and we got back to the church right on time. Can’t ask for anything more, I love my job :.)


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