Home in the Hills…

I went home this weekend for some much needed rest and relaxation. As you can see from the pictures, Tehachapi is beautiful place of oak trees, horses, cows, sheep and heat (it was very hot here)! My parents seemed to have my itinuray planned out for the whole weekend. Here is what it looked like:

Friday: Lunch at our favorite place ‘The village Grill.’ It is a hole-in-the-wall type of establishment. But, places like this most of the time have the greatest food. I ordered the French Dip…it was pretty good (not Mimi’s Cafe good…But good). We finished the night with a BBQ…Loved it!

Saturday: Woke up early and got messured for a tux. My sister is getting married in a few months and alas…I’m in the wedding. After that we took off to Bakersfield (separate cars). My father and I had sushi, went to Breans Christian Bookstore, and saw ‘Superman Returns’ (loved it). Pops was tired so my mother took me out for Mexican food. We finished the night visiting with my Aunt and Uncle. Good times! What the girls did is still unknown to us, but I can imagine it involved spending money at the mall.

Sunday: Went to church…Loved it! Ate Thai food. My folks seemed to have ordered almost everything off the menu because the waiter kept bring dish after dish…Loved it! Drove around Tehachapi taking pictures like a retard. Apple cobbler and coffee at our favorite pie place…Loved it! To finish the day, my mom made breakfast for dinner (if you have never done this…you have not lived…just kidding. It’s awesome)!

Monday: Hasn’t come yet…I plan of leaving for the Ghetto (Riverside) when my parents leave for work, which means…I don’t get to sleep in.

Overall, God had blessed my time here with my folks. It has been great to get away and SLOW DOWN!!!


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