The worst BBQ ever!

Ok, today was supposed to be our promo BBQ (entering in of the new 7th graders and leaving of the new 9th graders). The BBQ happened but with some lovely little lowlights.

  • The place were supposed to have it at didn’t have anything we needed (extending cable, trash cans, etc.)
  • individuals who really didn’t want to be there and physically and verbal pronounced this.
  • delegation gone bad (simple things such as moving objects from point A to point B require a 5 min. Explanation of’why’, stuff I didn’t have time for…’just do it’ sort of thing)
  • A very weak parent’s meeting. Talk about ‘creative redundancy’!

Overall the highlights are as follows:

  • the one’s who showed up seemed to have a great time.
  • The food was great (didn’t get any of it though).
  • The pool was cold and the music was grand!
  • We did get hooked up with a sweet tent!

I learn, study and move on…THANK GOD!!!!

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