A promotional rant…

It’s that time again…Transition. Many of our students will be leaving to the High School realm (some are already gone, they are just counting down the time). High School is such an exciting time in one’s lives that I am also excited for them. They get to hang out with the coolest high school guy ever, get to enjoy uber-fun events and really develop character (not that they didn’t have that chance in middle school). With that said, we are losing many of our student leaders. It has been an honor to see them grow in their journey with God and find the Refinery a place called ‘home’ here at Mag. Nevertheless, there are those who have written the Refinery off as childish with the that there interaction has become distant and sometimes rude. It is my prayer that the students will remember to ‘run that race’ and continue to look for opportunites to serve and grow…Sorry for the rant.


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