Club MU Recap

This past weekend a group of students and a team of dedicated leaders ventured into the humbling world of service, love and experiencing God in a new way. Club MU is our weekend missions outreach event for junior highers. This is the weekend recap.

Friday: Had dinner at Wahoos Huntington Beach, the kids loved it, although it was funny to see the less-adventurous ones order French fries and a coke…junior highers? We then headed to a fire pit on the beach and worshiped God by fire and the majestic sounds of the waves crashing all around us… breathtaking!

Saturday: We started our day with a service project of grafetti removal at 8am. We painted this huge wall in record time. We then headed out to the good old Riverside Plaza to watch the movie “Cars.” Some liked the movie, others thought commercials were more interesting…go figure. After the movie we headed to March Air Force for our lservicevive project. We had the opportunity to play with kids from a shelter. Kickball and dodgeball was the menu and everyone had a great time. We finished with an awesome drama and worship. Again, students had a great time and the families from the shelter had a great time as well. God’s love definitelytley felt at that shelter. We finished the day with a BBQ and pool party at one of our leaders home…goodtimes!

Sunday: We arrived back at the church (hopefully) changed and humbled by experienceence this weekend.

This was an awesome experience….enough said!


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