Pre-weekend rant…yes I have been known to pessimistic

We have three more days left before we embark on a (hopefully) awesome experience within the context of service. I will be taking our junior highers on a local mission’s trip that will hopefully change their lives. Couple things that I am asking you to lift up in prayer:

  • The Students will connect with God and experience him in completely different way.
  • That I will find some more leaders to help (a few have seemed to be obligated to other things …conveniently)
  • That the students will walk away having grown in their journey with the Father and a better idea of what love and service actually is.

There comes a time when one must ‘kill the golden calf’, this coming weekend is that time. For some reason our students have become complacent in their journey. They’ve become experts in weighing the ‘fun factor’ against the ‘spiritual factor.’ Unfortunately, they (I should say some) are determined that ‘Fun’ is more important. I am not saying that our students need to become nuns and monks and throw fun out the window. But when I am hearing “so…is there going to be free time, are there going to be any guys, how long we really have to paint those walls, we are going to swim more than we are going to work…” I have become a little discouraged. I have to wonder the motive, age, and the fact that they are junior highers and not in high school of the kids. But with that said, they, ARE junior highers! They will react to the weekend in a fashion that is consistent with their mentality. No matter what the motives are God will be there whether they like or not and lives will be changed…whether they like it or not! I apologize for the rant.


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