Memorial Day recap

Wow…This is a late posting, but who cares anyway? This memorial day I went to the beach with my girlfriend and some church friends. I made a mental note not to go to Huntington Beach next year for a holiday. With the normal crowdiness (this that even a word) we found a good spot…right next to tower 15. As everyone started to set-up camp I walked to the water. My eyes where wide.

I love to bodyboard (or boogie board for you older folk). I absolutely love it! With that said I was in the water rather quickly and trying to find that perfect set that would send my 235 lbs. Body crashing over the water…I found one! Not only were the waves rocking awesome, but the rip was catching as well. So I took this one wave, it was beautiful but deadly. It folded my bodyboard like a piece of paper and I went tumbling into the shallow blue oblivion. Tons of fun!

Have no fear I was alright, but my board was trashed (or at least the leash was)…sad day.


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