Coffee Roasters vs. Starbucks

Have you ever found a place that you immediately claim as “your own special place?” Today, I have staked that claim. I have been looking for a quite place (where I can study, have quite time; listen to my ipod etc.) that was relativity close to where I am staying. There is this little shopping center right around the corner, and within this village center is the most appealing coffee house I have ever been to. It’s called “Coffee Roasters.” Now, some of you may be familiar with this shop, but I have never been to such a place. Being a college student, my radar reflected the commercialization of Starbucks®, so naturally I was searching for a Starbucks® that was close. Big mistake! Not only do I have to battle someone for a comfortable arm chair, their wi-fi requires a fee (thoughtful ideas from T-mobile). Where as “Coffee Roasters” wi-fi provides excellent signal strength and there is plenty of room for all. Ultimately, I find “Coffee Rosters” to be more sophisticated and accommodating to people who really want some quite time…and the some would say that the coffee is better. I would have to agree!

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